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My first article was published in Jiu Jitsu World Mag all about the benefits of training the mind and how it can really help to increase your performance as an athlete. So often we train our bodies and we forget all about the mental aspect. But competing and being the bet you can be in any given sport requires a huge mental aspect as well. The ability to focus, to push yourself, positive self talk are all extremely import aspects of being an athlete. I talk about he benefits of meditation and eliminative mental chatter and reducing stress also. Read the full article here:

Live workouts on Twitch TV

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Today I went live on twitch. I want to say a big thank you to those who tuned in for my 1st live workout!!! We actually made it to the number one spot for Sports and Fitness!!! 
I will be sharing a lot more on BJJ, fitness workouts, cooking and general health and fitness tips so stay tuned. 
For those who missed it, log in to and join me on my channel: SophiaFIT.

lifting heavy vs bodyweight workouts

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I recently wrote an article that is yet to be published all about heavy lifting vs body weight workouts. Some people think that lifting heavy is the only way to build muscle and get those ‘gains’. but is it? I address things such as posture and motor neuron efficiency, Are the right muscles firing to perform the lift? I address the issue of long term and acute injury. I also discuss moving with mindfulness and how this can greatly increase muscular activity. Stay tuned for the article. I’ll let you know when it is published.

The Great Outdoors.

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While the weather is totally awesome right now get outside as much as you can. Enjoy the fresh air and get some sunlight. I recommend outdoor workouts and walks as much for your mind as well as your body. 30 minutes of natural sunlight every day gives you your daily dose of Vitamin D. Getting outside is also a great way to break up the monotony of sitting in a office all day. Get out for a walk, do some stretches, breath. You’ll feel, refreshed with more vitality.

Get creative with workouts outdoors too. There are so many things you can do with just your body weight such as burpees, push ups, ab work. Find a park bench and do step ups, dips and lunges. Grab a jump rope, do some sprints. The options are endless. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Master Worlds Camp Recap

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Late August in Las Vegas is one of the busiest times for the BJJ world. The Master World Championships as well as the Las Vegas Open are held and here and all come to participate.

I ran a training camp at the UFC gym Las Vegas (Blue Diamond) for all those who wanted to acclimate to the Las Vegas altitude and weather, who wanted to keep sharp and stay on track in preparation for the tournament. People attended from Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe and from the USA. What an amazing group of people and what great training.

I cant wait until next year to do this all again.

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 Who needs to do some washing? lol

Who needs to do some washing? lol

 The ladies from my Lifestyle camp earlier in the year. Like a reunion.

The ladies from my Lifestyle camp earlier in the year. Like a reunion.

My Top Tips to help you stick to your workouts!

It's easy to talk yourself out of working out! Even when you have the best intentions to work out, excuses are so easy to find - “I’m too tired” or "I’m busy," or "The weather is bad." Here are my top tips for staying in the game!

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  1. On Sunday nights plan your week of workouts! Treat them like an event so make time for them in your daily schedule! Write them down in your diary and put reminders on your phone!

  2. If you workout in the morning, layout your training clothes and shoes before you go to bed so they are ready for when you jump out of bed

  3. If you don’t train before work Have training clothes and shoes in your car so you can stop by the gym on the way home from work

  4. Organise a active date/catch up during the week with friends or family. Other people will keep you accountable!

  5. Have a collection of workouts you can do in your living room for when the weather is miserable and you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. My SophiaFIT Home Workouts are perfect for this!

  6. Set a goal! Write it down and stick it on the fridge or add it as a daily reminder on your phone. This will act as the driving force when you lack a bit of motivation!

If you are looking for the extra kick, send an email to or click here. I would love to work with you and help you achieve your health & fitness goals.