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FightingFIT, Sophia’s Self Defense/Fitness course.

You will learn techniques to defend yourself, standing up and on the ground.

AND burn fat and tone up!

Sophia will guide you through the techniques and the workouts so that you feel empowered, fit and strong!

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FightingFIT is a women's self defense course that is designed and taught by Sophia who is a highly trained practitioner and multiple time Pan Am and World Champion in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sophia offers one off workshops as well as 4 and 4 week courses. Sophia focuses on creating a safe space for women to get together to learn skills, techniques and strategies to prevent, mitigate or survive a violent situation.

In this course Sophia McDermott will spend the first half of the one hour long session teaching you the phycological aspects as well as the technical aspects of self defense both standing up and on the ground. Sophia who is also a certified trainer with NASM will spend the second half of each session guiding you through her FightingFIT workouts comprised of martial arts and fighting movement patterns that will strengthen your muscles build fitness, burn fat and tone up. 

The FightingFit Course will give you security and confidence. For those working in closed spaces with unknown people (such as showing houses) or heading to a car park after a late night work shift, learning the basics with a course like this is imperative. FightingFIT also focuses on the psychological aspects, speaking up, awareness and safety measures that should be implemented on a daily basis.  

Make this an investment to yourself to have piece of mind, knowing that you are prepared if you ever encounter a risky situation. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to avoid a violent confrontation 

  • Learn to disable your attacker by utilizing your strengths against the attacker’s weaknesses.

  • How to escape the most common grabs, choke holds, bear hugs and pins.

  • Defense against the most common strikes

  • Extensive training about survival on the ground, for example, learning how to escape safely from an attacker pinning you on your back

The fitness aspect of each class will help to build strength and stamina but will also help to tone up and burn fat. 

For more information email or click the button below to sign up for your next FightingFIT course!