Women's Self defense with Athleta!

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I’ll be teaching a women’s self defense workshops hosted by the amazing clothing brand, Athleta. I will be teaching really valuable techniques, both standing up and on the ground. My workshops are fun and i strive to create a safe environment for all ladies to learn.

This Saturday at Redemption in Summerin. Its free, but you must register.

Tune in. Eat right, train right for your body

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People who don’t know me assume that I train for endless hours a day. In truth I am a single mum who spends most of her time juggle kids, teaching classes and sitting in front of a computer writing. I write for health and fitness magazines and I write personalized plans for people who want to look, feel and perform better. So I don’t workout all day, every day. I can’t. Over the years I have figure out what works for my body, but as a trainer and a coach i have learned a lot about what works for women bodies too.

The key to staying in shape is to train right and eat right. But not only that, its about managing stress and sleeping right too. Optimal health is like baking a cake. You need to factor in everything (all the ingredients) to get the right recipe to make the perfect cake. If one of the ingredients is not right, such as not enough sleep, or not the right amount of food at the right time, then the cake won't turn out right.

The first step is to start listening to your body, so ditch those calorie counters and start actually tuning in to your body. The body is the most amazing machine that is constantly telling you want it need for optimal health. If you are hungry then eat. Stop eating when you are feeling full, no matter how much food is left on your plate. If you are tired, rest. Take note of the difference between true fatigue and laziness. Take note of how you feel after eating certain foods? Do you feel bloated and lethargic? Or do you feel energized and full of vitality?

Tuning in is the 1st step but if anyone would like a little extra guidance feel free to check out my personal plans here or email me at sophia@sophiaFIT.com and I can email you the plan outlines.

The core, where your strength lies - Jiu Jitsu World Mag

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My article recently published in in Jiu Jitsu World Mag talks all about where our strengths lies - the core and why it is so important for function movement. As a performance athlete, this is crucial. Your core is responsible for stabilization and balance and also provides the grounding for you to be able to push and pull. The core is often overlooked and most ab exercises are focused toward the rectus abdominals to get that six pack for the beach. Here I focus on ALL aspects of the core and in particular the tranverse abs to help you to become a better athlete.

There are so many aspects to the core and so many different ways to work these muscles

There are so many aspects to the core and so many different ways to work these muscles

Working with a Swiss balls helps to build stability through the core

Working with a Swiss balls helps to build stability through the core

2019 SophiaFIT Lifestyle Camp

Jumping for joy at my Lifestyle Camp

Jumping for joy at my Lifestyle Camp

June 28 - May 3 my 2019 Lifestyle Camp took place. It was such an incredible experience. The weather was perfect, the house was stunning but what really made the camp so awesome was the ladies who attended. Each and everyone one of the guests were incredible, kind spirited women who supported each other and shared nothing but good vibes.

The days involved morning sunrise yoga taught by the lovely Jazmine Bienvenue followed by a nutrition breakfast. All the meals were cooked by the lovely Shea and Jodi.

Day one of sun rise yoga on the beach

Day one of sun rise yoga on the beach


Every day we trained BJJ where i taught technique that were better suited to worms bodies. We focused on guard recovery, framing and spider guard. It was such a great opportunity to train all week with women only.

Don’t mess with us!!!

Don’t mess with us!!!

Open guard with Jasmine.

Open guard with Jasmine.

The afternoons were spent chilling on the beach and exploring or having a one on on sessions with one of the facilitator at the camp. There was the opportunity to have a reiki session with Sheila or a facial with Jen.

And the evenings involved workshops on fitness and health or meditation to encompass body, mind and soul. These camps are about so much more than BJJ.

Stay tuned for loads more photos and updates about this amazing camp that just took place. So much to share!!!

Women's self defense class with Athleta!!!

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For those in Las Vegas, come along to Athleta’s next event where I will be teaching a women’s self defense class in Summerlin on Saturday June 8. In this class you will learn some great skills to protect and empower yourself, and have fun too. Taught by a women, I focus on creating a safe environment where all women participating can learn together, share and connect.

The event is free. All you need to do is register here:

The amazing sponsors of my up and coming Lifestyle Camp

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A countdown to my Lifestyle Camp!!! I can't wait. I want to give a huge shout out to all our amazing sponsors who are providing their products/services in the goodie bag that all the ladies attending will be receiving upon arrival!!!!

We have gift certificates from Athleta who do great workout/yoga gear, beauty products from JiuJitsu Cowgirl, supplements/products from Juice Plus+, trusii, and Nutrishop Gardnerville, headbads and VIP priced gis from FUJI Sports and a book and special performance sounds from The Athletes Sports Bag Featured Athletes.

This camp will be epic!!!!

For more info on my camps click here:

Yummy curried egg salad

Sophia McDermott Drysdale  Curried egg salad

I am mostly vegetarian so eggs are my prime protein source. It is important to note that I only eat pasture raised eggs because they are higher in Omega 3 fats rather than Omega 6 fats and saturated fats. This is because the hens are free to roam and are eat food that they are meant to be eating as opposed to GMO corn and soy.

Eggs on the whole have the highest bio availability which means that your body absorbs almost all the protein and its from a natural source as opposed to processed powders which I am not a hg fan of.

Here is my curried egg salad. Hard boil some eggs, add a dash of mayo and curry powder, salt and paper. Mixed with chopped celery, parsley and green onion and enjoy. A different way to eat eggs and its super easy to make!

Jiu Jitsu World Mag - How to avoid chronic dehydration in athletes

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Check out my latest article published in Jiu Jitsu World Mag. Here i discuss why so many of us BJJ athletes are susceptible to chronic dehydration and signs to look out for. Chronic dehydration affects everything, from your digestion, to recovery and performance. Also your pain management, all to do with inflammation. Did you know that as little as 1-2% of your body weight in water loss has serious negative implications on your performances and well being?

Read this article to check if you are dehydrated, how it happens and ways to fix it.