Master Worlds Training Camp

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This week is my Master Worlds Training Camp open for all (competitors and non competitors who would like the experience.) The focus is on polishing techniques, timed rounds and drilling to maintain fitness and get acclimated to the dry Las Vegas air before stepping on the mat to earn your gold medals!!!

Celebrating Giselle Villasenor photography

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A couple of weeks ago I taught a series of seminars in Chicago. I was blessed to have Giselle Villasenor photograph of my events at Serafin Jiu Jitsu Academy. Her works shows her passion for BJJ and photography. She has a skill for capturing the moment, whether it be teaching, competing or learning.

I love that more entrepreneurial women are sharing their skills in BJJ, whether it be as a professor, a referee, a photographer etc and shining. All of us women have something offer in this community an the more we showcase our skills and shine, collectively the more amazing this will BJJ community will be and the more we will thrive. #empoweredwomen #shinetogether .

Self Love, The framework for your life.

Gizelle Villa Photography

Gizelle Villa Photography

The way you feel about your self, your self worth, and self acceptance sets the framework for what comes into your life. We live in a sea of opportunities and infinite possibilities and how you feel determines what you’ll attract into your life. What you feel, you’ll attract. What you focus on expands. It all starts with you. Operate out of integrity and self love. Amazing things start happening.

Women's self defense workshops with Athleta

Making frames and creating space

Making frames and creating space

Yesterday I taught another women’s self defense workshop with Athleta at Dragons Gym. For years I have worked with women who are trained in BJJ with a focus on adding a feminine touch, and now I am teaching women who are completely new to all this. Both are so rewarding and it makes my soul sing knowing I have taught these ladies some super empowering skills. I am truly blessed to be in a position to be teaching this. thank you Athleta for being a part of these events and spreading the word.

Stay tuned for my next workshop or 6 week course For more info you can read up about the FightingFIT program here:

Athleta womens self defense workshop, Saturday July 20

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I am super excited to be doing another women’s self defense workshop with Athleta. The event will be held closer to Athleta’s Henderson location at Dragon’s gym in LV. I will be focusing on techniques standing up and both on the ground to defend against an attacker. My speciality is ground work - what happens when you are already flat on your back. It is probably the most import because it is the hardest to get away from, yet it is the most overlooked. For all the ladies who missed my 1st workshops with Athleta in May, Come along to this one this Saturday July 20. Bring your sisters, mothers, friends and co workers. Let’s spread the word and collectively empower ourselves as women!

Its free, but register to save your spot!

Parties, functions, travel and staying in bikini shape!

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I am loving the Summer and enjoying the pool, but staying in shape right now is an extra challenge because there are so many functions lately for me as well as extra travel and it is tough to stick to clean eating all the time. Staying put and sticking to the usual routine are when things are easy, but I find that these functions, parties and travel the are the test.

The key is to find balance. Living a life of complete restriction is not enjoyable. If you are at that function and want a cup cake, then have one. But maybe enjoy just the one. Stick to the other healthier options available - If there are healthier options. Sticking to smaller portions is also very important when keeping your diet in check.

If you are drinking, make sure to alternate a drink with a glass of water. This especaily important if you are out in the sun all day. Becoming dehydrated at a party while out in the sun all day is no fun at all.

If you are at a place where there is no healthy food available, then being super organized and bringing healthy food or snacks could save the day. Alternatively you could eat a healthy meal beforehand so you are less tempted to nibble on all the unhealthy food. I personally always have a Kind bar and a pice of fruit in my bag no matter what.

Feeling good in my own skin in a bikini is important but so is enjoying life in general so finding that balance is the key.

Women's Workshop at Seraifin in Chicago

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I have a couple of stops in Chicago at the end of this month and my 2nd stop is at Serafin BJJ Academy, Evanston in Chicago. I love teaching women’s workshops since it opens things up to explore the techniques that work much better for women but also to touch on topics about being a women in BJJ.

Book your spot with Jen at

Tips to stay hydrated this Summer

You lose more water than you think when you spend all day out in the sun at the beach or pool. Stay hydrated and avoid feeling wiped out from the heat.

You lose more water than you think when you spend all day out in the sun at the beach or pool. Stay hydrated and avoid feeling wiped out from the heat.

For those enjoying the Summer and spending hours outside in the sun and heat, even if you are in the pool or at the beach your body is losing water at a rapid rate. If you have a cocktail or two this further dehydrates you since alcohol is a diuretic.

Dehydration contributes to headaches and lethargy. It also causes you to retain water which leads to swollen joints and puffiness in the skin. If you want to feel good and look good in your bikini, then drinking loads of water is imperative.

To avoid lethargy, headaches or swelling, or even sun stroke, drink more water than you think you need. But, It’s so hard to remember when you are not having so much fun!!!.

So here are some tips and strategies to get your fluids up:

  • Have a (non plastic) water bottle with you at all times and aim to drink 1 liter every 2 hours.

  • Switch every second alcoholic drink out with an ice water or a soda water, so that you are alternating between a beer/cocktail drink and water.

  • If you are out with the kiddies, pack or buy some low sugar (or even homemade) popsicles to suck on.

  • Pack or buy loads of watery fruit such as honey dew melon and water melon.

  • Ditch the cocktails altogether and enjoy some fresh yummy fruit smoothies.

  • After your time by the pool in the sun, rehydrate even more with an additional liter or two of water. It may feel like water overload but it will greatly mitigate any negative effects from being out in the heat and can make the difference from feeling wiped out to feeling fresh.