Is eating less and doing more the key to long term fat loss?

I eat more than most...  have learned that starving yourself is not the way for long term fat loss or for health

I eat more than most...  have learned that starving yourself is not the way for long term fat loss or for health

There is a reason why the weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry. People will try almost everything to lose those stubborn last 5 pounds. Thermogenics, diet pills, grapefruit diets, ketogenic diets, skipping meals, you name it....  And to top it off there are a lot of frauds out there who are capitalizing on this, making their millions but misinforming the masses. 

the main theme that runs throughout all of these diets,  is restriction or cutting out a food group. None of this is healthy. To top it off, as a trainer I was taught the very simplistic notion that input vs output is the key to weight loss. Basically we must burn off more than we eat. This idea may work for someone who has not spent years yo-yo dieting and has literally destroyed their metabolism, but for most of us, especially women we know that just isn't true. It is due to years of calorie restriction and more exercise that most of us are in this situation in the first place!!! If a client comes my way who has spent years dieting and destroying her metabolism do you think it would be wise of me to tell  her to eat even less and spend another 30 mins per day on the treadmill? I think not. 


Long term calorie restrictioin or dieting causes the metabolism to slow down, which is the rate at which the body burns calories for energy. Instead of using up the fuel for all bodily functions, it stores the calories since it thinks it is starving and wants to save every last calorie for survival. 


We need to shift the idea that eating less is conducive to weight loss. In reality, eating for weight loss is all about changing the way we eat so that your body can deal with the calories in a way that is hormonally conducive to fat loss. Basically we need to eat in a way that enables our calories to be utilized for energy rather than stored. 

There are a few factors involved and WHAT you eat is only one of them... When you eat, how much you eat, sleep, and water intake all make up  the recipe for eating for fat loss. 

Here are a few tips to get you on the right path:

1/ Eat regularly: to keep your metabolism elevated and burning fuel the entire time.

2/ Eat a big breakfast: Eat breakfast like a Queen and dinner like a pauper. Start the day off with a good hearty meal. This is creates the benchmark on what rate your body will be burning your fuel for energy throughout the day.

3/ Pile your plate high with greens: The enzymes which are responsible for every biological function in the body are derived mostly from the raw veggies we consume.  Eating loads of salads will fill you up on nutrient rich foods. 

4/Drink plenty of water: Water is necessary for proper digestion and to filter toxins from the body. 

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