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Let's Talk About: PINEAPPLES

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* Pineapple boosts immunity and improves blood circulations.

* Can help treat arthritis! Pineapple contains a relatively rare enzyme called bromelain that helps with the complex breakdown of proteins and has major anti-inflammatory effects! Hence helping to  reduce inflammation of joints and muscles

* Aids with digestion - being rich in dietary fibre, pineapple is like a helping hand to which keep you regular and your intestines healthy.

* Helps heal wounds and protect against infection.

* Reduces risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Why not add pineapple to your next smoothie or with yogurt to add a extra tang!

Let's Reset

Do you feel like your body’s natural systems are a little off balance? Whether it’s from stress, too much caffeine, or diet irregularities. The good news is, there are simple changes you can make to reset your body and get it back to 100% so you can feel amazing.

Regardless of how healthy you eat and how much exercise you get in, there are ways we need to reset mentally and emotionally to help optimize our health. It can be really frustrating if you feel sluggish and tired even if you’re following a healthy lifestyle, so here are some helpful tips to help you reset your body!

Tip 1: Drink enough water!

Yes I know this is an obvious tip but dehydration can sneak up on you in the most inconspicuous ways! Even when we don’t sweat as much like in the summer, our bodies still need water. Aim to drink 3 Litres of water a day. Try starting your day with hot water and lemon, this will help fire up your digestion and detoxification process.


Tip 2: Increase your intake of
anti-inflammatory foods!

Eat more natural, unrefined foods that won’t inflame your gut. They also support everything from a balanced micro-biome and strong bones to helping fight cancer.  Anti-inflammatory foods include tomatoes, green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach etc.), nuts (almonds and walnuts), fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna..) and fruit (strawberries, blueberries..).

Tip 3: Limit your coffee intake

Too much coffee can lead to the jitters, poor sleep, and a roller coaster in your energy. Yes, coffee has some great health benefits too, but just like anything when consumed too much it may cause an increase in stress hormones and poor sleep. If you need a pick me up in the afternoon, try a cup of herbal tea, or even a brisk walk outside.

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Tip 4: De-Stress

Do something that de-stresses you every day like going for a walk, taking a yoga class, setting aside time to meditate, listen to music, cook, call or catch up with your loved ones etc. Resetting isn’t just about the physical, it’s mental/emotional and so important we take time to prioritise what makes us joyful and happy at the end of the day!



Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric White Fish (Serves 2)


1 tbsp grated fresh or dried ginger
1 tbsp fresh or dried turmeric, grated
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tbsp tamari soy sauce
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Pinch of ground black pepper
2 x 200g white fish fillets
1 lime
1 bunch coriander – leaves and stalk
1/4 cup coconut water or water

1. Combine ginger, turmeric, garlic, tamari, lime juice and olive oil into a bowl.
2. Fold in the finely chopped coriander root.
3. Spoon paste over the fish fillet and massage well on both sides.
4. Heat a pan over a medium heat and add the fish fillet.
5. Pour in 1/4 cup of water or coconut water then place on the lid and reduce the heat.
6. Braise on a low to medium heat for eight minutes
7. Serve with your choice of salad or vegetables & Enjoy!

The Queen of Spices

Turmeric may be one of the most effective nutritional supplement due to its major benefits on not only on your body but on your brain! Turmeric really is a superhero spice! It contains a wide range of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties! To add the to the list of benefits, it is also loaded with many nutrients such as protein, dietary fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Sodium, Potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc! And it has been found from over 6000 + studies that when turmeric is compared to conventional medicine its benefits EQUAL that of many pharmaceutical medications!!

As well as all the benefits above it has been found that a particular component of turmeric has the ability to prevent premature aging, reduce depression, manage arthritis and blood sugar!! How amazing is Turmeric!

Turmeric is one of those spices that can really be added to any meal, breakfast through to dessert! To help you with including Turmeric into your day I have included a few yummy recipes below. This shows you how simple it is to add extra nutritional value to each and every meal!

Day Starter

1 cup of coconut water
½ a teaspoon of turmeric (fresh or dried)
½ a teaspoon of ginger
Juice of a lemon
½ teaspoon of sea salt
½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper or ground chilli (optional - for an extra ZING)
1 teaspoon of honey (optional)

Place ingredients in a blender and give it whirl. Add lemon juice, sea salt and honey to taste!

Tropical Green Cleansing Smoothie

2 cups fresh kale
2 cups coconut milk
2 cups pineapple
1 cup mango
Juice of ½ lemon
1 Tablespoon fresh ginger
¼ teaspoon to 1/2 ground turmeric to taste

Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy!


Turmeric Omelette


2 eggs
Handful of Spinach
Handful of kale
1 Medium Sweet potato, diced & pre cooked
Handful of chopped Cherry tomatoes
Teaspoon of turmeric

Whisk two eggs with turmeric, pour into a lightly greased with coconut oil pan.
Pour the whisked eggs into the pan, allowing it to settle for a bit.  Then place on one side of the omelette, spinach, kale, sweet potato and tomatoes. Leave it to cook for a little then flip the opposite side to close it up like a sandwich.
Leave to cook for few minutes.

Remove from pan and serve with some avocado, salt and pepper to season.

Turmeric Chicken

2 x Chicken breast
Tablespoon of turmeric
2 sprigs of oregano
Juice of a lemon

2 x tablespoons of Greek yogurt
Tablespoon of turmeric
Juice of ½ a lemon

Marinate chicken breasts for 30 minutes to 1 hr in the fridge. Pre-heat the oven at 250 degrees. Place chicken breasts on baking tray and cook for 30 minutes or until golden. 

While cooking prep the dressing, 1 tablespoon of turmeric with Greek yogurt and a touch of lemon juice and stir.

Serve Chicken with a grated carrot & zucchini, corn, mixed beans of your choice & a handful of spinach! ENJOY!