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The drive for health and fitness doesn't come easy for everyone, and it's especially hard to find when you’re coming off of a long streak of doing slacking off!! We've all fallen off the health and fitness bandwagon before; whether it’s a busy time in life, or you’re going through something heavy, or even if you’ve simply just lost all drive. They say the hardest part is just getting started, and I couldn't agree more. Do you find yourself always looking for excuse why not to train and eat healthily? And the longer you go without working out, the easier it is usually is for us to continue postponing that sweaty workout!!

I want to help you be the most fittest and healthiest version of yourself! To give you that extra motivation am I offering my Spring into Summer 7 Day Meal Plan at 30% OFF! You can add your details here or shoot me a message for the discount code!



Fitness Motivation

Sophia MCDermott Drysdale FIT

I am here to guide you and share my knowledge. But I can't physically be there to stop you from putting that slice of pizza in your mouth. Peeps, with my personalized diets, the guidance and encouragement comes from me but the drive, will power, motivation and discipline comes from you. I have very limited openings for Feb. Hit me up if you would like some info about my personalized plans.