My Girls in Gis Seminar Review

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to be a guest instructor at Triton Fight Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It was so amazing to be teaching so many women. Thank you Girls in Gis for the opportunity and Triton Bjj for hosting us.

And most of all a huge thank you to the 150 Ladies who came! I feel very honoured to be able to share my knowledge and experience with such an inspiring group of women!

Already counting down until the next Girls in Gis Event in Las Vegas on August 27th! Stay tuned for more info!!

Seminar in Seattle - THIS WEEKEND

Seattle June 16, Hannette and Sophia.jpg

This weekend I  will be teaching a Seminar in Seattle with multiple time World Champion Hannette Staack. We will each be teaching a seminar and womens workshop. This will be an epic event where you will not only learn heaps and of course have a great time! There is loads going on that has been organised by Grapplin' Gals!

Book your spot HERE! The event  is with Grapplin' Gals and you can find them on FB HERE!

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Seminars in Michigan and Chicago

The ladies of BJJ, paving the way...

The ladies of BJJ, paving the way...

This past week I just returned from teaching some seminars in Michigan and CHicago. It was a really great experience to connect and train with my old training partner and to meet some new people. My seminar in Michigan was rewarding because I was able to help guild some young ones, whereby I feel it is so important that they see a female leading and teaching. 

Being a female role model to the little ones is so important.

Being a female role model to the little ones is so important.

My seminar in Michigan was particularly rewarding since there was a big turn out and most of the students were men. Hats off to those progressive, open minded dudes out there who see the benefits of learning from a women. For all those ladies who are teaching, refereeing, running academies, running BJJ groups etc, this is a big step for such a profoundly male dominated sport.  I am proud to be a part of the movement of empowered women in BJJ paving the way. #girlpower