six pack

Staying in shape while on the road

Sophia McDermott Drysdale

I have been travelling to teach so it's been a few days since I have trained. Making the right food choices while I am on the road, at the airport eating out etc is what keeps me in check. The secret is to ALWAYS have healthy food handy. I never head off to an airport without my hard boiled eggs and a banana. While I am on the road I will grab a salad and a KIND bar with no added sugar. 

When eating out I make sure to have a salad of some fish and vegetables. Easy of the dressings and sauces and I stop eating when I am feeling full. 

Exercises for fully defined ab muscles.

Sophia Drysdale

My article published in Breaking Muscle magazine discusses the myths about training for a six pack, or toned, flat abs. So many of us can get the definition on the upper portion but still have a little pooch on the lower belly. Check out my article where I demonstrate exercises that work the lower half of the abs too!

Sophia Drysdale six pack