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Sophia MCDermott Drysdale FIT

My dual life. BJJ and fitness. Check out my video interview on Breaking Muscle I talk quite candidly about the fitness industry and training as a performance athlete. I talk about my plans for the future and all that I want to do for women and fitness with my 5 days challenges, my Lifestyle Camps, my online coaching and my seminars. Exciting times ahead.


Resistance Training

Tell me this. Why is it that the one type of training that is proven to considerable burn more calories, tone and strengthen your body and make you look hot?!

The fear of “bulking up” has been keeping many women out of the weights room! When in actual fact, us girls should be embracing dumbbells and body weight training.

Resistance Training is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force i.e. dumb bells or resistance bands. The benefits that coincide with resistance training will surprise you! Lifting weights improve your bone density, joint mobility and body composition, not to mention that daily tasks such as lugging groceries, carrying kids around and climbing stairs become easier! And the benefits don’t end there!! Physical strength creates and enhances mental strength meaning that each time you finish a weight training session you are going to feel like you could take on the world!!

To help kick start your love of resistance training, here is quick workout to work that BOOTY!


1 Minute Kneeling Leg Lifts (right)
30 Seconds Kneeling Leg Lift Pulses (right)
1 Minute Kneeling Leg Lifts (left)
30 Seconds Kneeling Leg Lift Pulses (left)
1 Minute Squats
30 Seconds Static Squat Hold
30 Seconds Squat Jumps

Repeat 3 times and feel that BURRRNNN!

Let’s work together to quash this stigma about weight training. Feminine strength is all about being strong on the inside as well as being strong on the outside. Trainers and professionals everywhere should be spreading the news about the myriad of benefits that resistance training has to offer so that all women are keeping healthy, happy, safe and strong.

OTP article, exercises to avoid during pregnancy

Sophia Drysdale

As fitness professionals, we are keenly aware that women are routinely given mixed information about training during their pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is partly due to the remaining stigma whereby pregnancy is treated as if it is an illness and women are expected to rest all the time and never exert...".…/
This my second piece about training women while pregnant. In this article I list situations and conditions to look out for as well as exercises that are a big no-no. BUt this noes not mean to stop exercising!!! Exercise has a myriad of benefits for the mother and the developing baby, which will help throughout pregnancy and during her labor, birth and recovery. Exercise or training programs need to be modified accordingly, rather than being stopped altogether. So just because there are things we need to look out for, that doesn't mean that pregnant athletes should stop their training and doing what they love.