My 7 Day Meal Plan - Spring into Summer is ready!!!

sophia mcdermott drysdale fit

My new e book, 7 Day Meal Plan - Spring into Summer is ready!!! I am really happy to share with you all the recipes that I enjoy year round. The book is loaded with yummy meals and snacks for you to use for 7 days as a cleanse, detox and boost as well as a guide for future use.

 One of the biggest reasons people fail with diets is because they don't eat enough and they are also stuck eating the same boring food every day. There is only so many days in a row one might be able to eat bland chicken breast and steamed broccoli. My meals and recipes are different, delicious, full of variety and goodness. I tweak normal recipes and make them healthy- making sure they still taste just as good. I change the way some recipes are cooked and exchange some ingredients for healthier options that are whole, unprocessed, free of trans fats or heavy saturated fats, refined flours, sugars, chemicals and preservatives.

Grab your copy now while the  discount is available. Only for the month of May. Type LAUNCH10 for a 10% disount!