6 Healthy Ways to Feel Awesome in Time for Spring Break

 In my recent article of Whole Life Challenge, 6 Healthy Ways to Feel Awesome in Time for Spring Break, I touch on a few things that you can do to reset your body and your habits so spring and summer find you out in the world, feeling active, happy, confident, and healthy. 

These include:
- Drinking Lots of Water
- Limit Fatty Meat and Dairy Products
- Avoid Breads and Processed Carbs
- Move Your Body

Hopefully you find the tips in this article really helpful to reset!

Juicing, the best cleanse.


Looking for a simple & easy cleanse after an indulgent Thanksgiving??

One of the focuses in my 7 Day meal Plan e Book is juicing. Juicing has so many healing and rejuvenating properties. In addition to increased energy levels, juicing helps to build a stronger immune system and is a great way to cleanse the system which helps with weight loss and gives you that glowing complexion.

To ensure that your juice retains all the goodness make sure you use a cold-press juicer or a masticating juicer where it slowly crushes the juice out. The standard centrifugal juicers kill  the enzymes because of the heat and fast cutting blades. 

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