Yummy curried egg salad

Sophia McDermott Drysdale  Curried egg salad

I am mostly vegetarian so eggs are my prime protein source. It is important to note that I only eat pasture raised eggs because they are higher in Omega 3 fats rather than Omega 6 fats and saturated fats. This is because the hens are free to roam and are eat food that they are meant to be eating as opposed to GMO corn and soy.

Eggs on the whole have the highest bio availability which means that your body absorbs almost all the protein and its from a natural source as opposed to processed powders which I am not a hg fan of.

Here is my curried egg salad. Hard boil some eggs, add a dash of mayo and curry powder, salt and paper. Mixed with chopped celery, parsley and green onion and enjoy. A different way to eat eggs and its super easy to make!

Jiu Jitsu World Mag - How to avoid chronic dehydration in athletes

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Check out my latest article published in Jiu Jitsu World Mag. Here i discuss why so many of us BJJ athletes are susceptible to chronic dehydration and signs to look out for. Chronic dehydration affects everything, from your digestion, to recovery and performance. Also your pain management, all to do with inflammation. Did you know that as little as 1-2% of your body weight in water loss has serious negative implications on your performances and well being?

Read this article to check if you are dehydrated, how it happens and ways to fix it.

Co ed and women's workshops in Reno

Reno Seminar April.jpg Sophia MCDermott

I am super exited to be heading out to Reno at West Coast World Martial Arts/RCJ Machado BJJ AF- Gardnerville in a couple of weeks. I’ll be teaching a women’s workshop followed by a co ed seminar. I will be teaching compete different techniques and themes for each seminar so for those who would like to attend both, you’ll be showered with soooo much info. Discounts available for both seminars!

I will also be touching on nutrition and eating for performance which is so important for us athletes.

Click on the button to check out the Facebook event and to book your spot.

Thrive after divorce, heal yourself


My talk on divorce and moving your body to get you in the present moment, was aired last week on Thrive After Divorce Show hosted by Lisa Fountain. She is driven to make change and build support during one of the most incredible stressful times of one’s life. I am honored to be a part of this where I can share strategies to help heal and deal with trauma.

I have some more articles in the works for the health and fitness magazines that I write for that discuss the mental side of health, training and competing as well as eating and attitude to food as athletes. It’s funny, life is pushing me more and more towards the mental/emotional aspect of health and I truly hope that my writings and my talks in my seminars can help everyone on their journeys. Stay tuned for my next published article on these topics and have a listen to my talk!!! 

Women's Workshops in Colorado and California

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The past weekend I ventured to Colorado to teach a women’s workshops. I taught at Katharo Training Center. Thank you to Jen Hordinski for being such an amazing host.

Cali, Legacy, Feb 2019.jpg

The week prior I was in Los Angeles teaching another women’s workshop. Ladies form all over Cali came to enjoy the experience. Thank you to Legacy for opening your guy to me and for Lisette and Felina for hosting me.

It is so wonderful to be able to share technique and tips that work better for women in a male dominated sport. I find these women’s workshops such a good way for women to connect in a non competitive environment and to support each other. It is great too that we can tough on issues that only women experience as female athletes. #empoweredwomenempoweringwomen

I was blessed to experience so much snow!!!. For me being an Aussie, this is super novel. I really enjoyed the experience, but now I am ready for spring. lol

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Thrive After Divorce Series, guest speaker.

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I was super honored to be one of 25 people as a guest speaker for the Thrive After Divorce Show, hosted by Lisa Fountain. My focus is about using movement as a tool to get through the trauma and to stay in the present moment. Anxiety comes about from being worried/fearful about the future or being stressed about the past. Always being in the present moment is very hard to do, but with tool such as exercise and mindfulness meditation, it is achievable.

Click here listen to me and all the amazing speaker to help give you some support if you are going through this. Its not easy and getting all the support you can is so important.

Getting Z with Jen Z at the next Lifestyle Camp in April

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I want to give a huge shout out Jennifer Zanotti who will be at the SophiaFIT Lifestyle Camp, 2019 camp to offer her beauty services to all the camp ladies.  She has been an Esthetician and Make-up artist since 2001, and owns her own business “Jen Z’s Beauty & Wellness Services”, since 2007. Jen is also a kick ass BJJ purple belt.

The beauty services she will be offering at the camp are:

  • facials

  • relaxing head, neck and shoulder massages (stress therapy)

  • and other skin treatment and beauty services.  

The lovely Jennifer Zanotti

The lovely Jennifer Zanotti

Reach out to Jennifer Zanotti to book a spot with her at the camp. You can check out all her beauty & wellness services www.jenzanotti.com.

Jen is also super passionate about showcasing empowered women and sharing her knoweldge on BJJ, health nutrition and self care.  Listen to her podcast "Getting Zen with Jen Z" at wgnradio.com, itunes or Google Play!