Make your own perfect meals while eating out

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If you are on point with your diet sometimes it is hard to find the perfect meal in the correct macros for you when eating out. I like to get a bunch of sides to make my perfect meal. I know I need a good natural protein source, a natural whole source of complex carbs, some good fats and lots of greens or veggies to get a high dose of vitamins and minerals. Eggs, curried cauliflower, avocado and sweet potato was my choice the other day when eating out. The eggs are a great source of protein, the sweet potato is a great choice of complex carbs, avocado is a great source of fat, mostly monounsaturated and the cauliflower is a good choice of veggie and adds some great flavor. You can’t go wrong from a nutritional standpoint with this plate.

Women's only BJJ classes start this Saturday, Oct 21 at the UFC gym

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I am super excited to announce that I am starting a women's only class at the UFC gym Blue Diamond every Saturday at 12pm. All welcome regardless of affiliation or belt rank.  My focus will be on you ladies and teaching techniques that are better suited for women. My aim with these women's classes is to create a fun, supportive and safe environment where women can learn BJJ and feel empowered.  My mission is to teach BJJ and selfdefense to as many women as possible. Every women should learn the basic skills to effectively defend themselves. #empoweredwomen

Fit mums!

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#fitmom Sophia McDermott Drysdale

A photo from the beach at my Lifestyle Camp this past week. It was so nice to have the chance to relax and take the time out with my baby girls. We all did a lot ofexercise and training. it is so important as a mother to stay in good shape to keep up with your kids, but also tobe the healthy role model and to set an example so that they too grow up fit and healthy.