Sophia's 5 day challenge

Sophia's 5 Day Challenge Starts Today!!!

Sophia MCDermott Drysdale FIT

Who is ready to do this 5 Day Challenge? It starts today!!! You can join the Facebook group here!. This will be the best one yet since it focuses on the mental aspect. For those who compete, it is all mental. We will be looking at creating positive affirmations to help with all this so you can get out there and do your absolute best. For those who don't compete these skills can be used for other goals you may be striving for. So we will be covering goal setting strategies as well as meditation and yoga to eliminate stress. Sheila Kennedy from The Athletes Sports Bag Featured Athletes has provided the meditation which is such a blessing. She focuses on getting that athlete to the next level. Join the group and add your girlfriends!!! 

Sophia's 5 Day Challenge Recap

Sophia McDermott Drysdale

My 2nd 5 Day Challenge that took place the other week was a huge success. I was so happy that people were all participating together and doing the workouts. I released a video workout a day where the lovely ladies who joined the group could enjoy the workouts in the comfort of their own home when it suited them but with the support and encouragement of the who group. Some participants chose to prep their meals and share them with the group also. 

All up I am happy that this challenge could motivate people to lead healthier, happier lifestyles.

Sophia McDermott Drysdale

My 5 day challenge is in full swing!

Sophia McDermott Drysdale FIT

The second of my 5 Day Challenge is taking place right now. I am so happy to announce that over 550 ladies who are keen to learn more about health and fitness are doing the workouts and sharing their meals in the group. There is a workout for each day of the challenge and each workout focuses on a different aspect of fitness and different muscle groups. It is not too late to join. All the videos are available. Click here to add yourself to the group!

Sophia McDermott DrysdaleFIT

The 5 day challenge has begun!

Join my 5 day challenge in the 'Sophia's 5 day Challenge' FB group. The aim is to look and feel your best with my meal plans, recipes and nutritional guidance.

Today is the first day, but it is not too late. Sign up to  the Facebook group 'Sophia's 5 day Challenge' and jump on my FB fan page Sophia Drysdale. 

I am so excited that so many amazing ladies are taking part in this and I am just loving all the yummy photos of the food!. #SophiaFIT #bethestartofyourownlife